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Trading Product Gold
Contract Code NYAuTN06、NYAuTN12
Trading Method Deferred contract
Trading Unit 100g/lot
Quotation Unit yuan/g
Minimum Price Fluctuation 0.05 yuan/g
Daily Price Limit 1 percentage point below the rate of Trading Margin
Minimum Quotation Size 1 lot
Maximum Quotation Size 2000 lots
Minimum Trading Margin 6%
Trading Hours Daytime: 9:00-15:30 Night: 19:50-02:30 of the next day
Trading Fee 0.02% of the trading value
Clearing Method Daily mark-to-market
Settlement method Cash settlement
Settlement Date NYAuTN06 - June 15, NYAuTN12 - December 15 To be adjusted to the preceding trading day in case of holiday
Settlement Price Final Settlement Price will be COMEX Gold Futures Asia Spot Price.Settlement Price will be converted to yuan/g. SGE will be using CFETS USD/CNY rate published at 3pm Beijing Time and a factor of 31.10 grams per troy ounces for conversion.

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