Licensed Marked Data Distributors

Market Data Licensing

In order to strengthen trading information operation and services of Shanghai Gold Exchange(SGE), SGE has authorized Shanghai Gold Exchange&Communication Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as  information Company) as the general agent for the operation and dissemination of the trading information of SGE both China and overseas. SGE Trading information products include: real-time market data(display usage),real-time market data(non-display usage), historical data and delayed market data, interested institutions can submit applications to the information company (tel: 86-021-33128725 e-mail: zhuxw@sge.com.cn).

Below is the list of SGE data vendors as of now (if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Communication Company with the contact information above). Without the permission of SGE or Information Company, no institution or individual may disseminate, operate or use the trading information of SGE.

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