Chairman Jiao Jinpu and CEO of World Gold Council held a Video Conference

Date: 2021-01-18

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    On the January 15, 2021,SGE Chairman Jiao Jinpu and Mr. David Tait, CEO of World Gold Council held a video conference. Both sides reviewed the overall performance of the global gold market in the past year,exchanged views of the future development and conducted in-depth discussions on significant issues such as market governance and international cooperation.

    Both parties believed that the pandemic has profoundly affected and changed the global political and economic situation, and its impact on the gold market is unprecedented. The characteristics of market fluctuations, blocked logistics and delivery, as well as spreading risks across markets and regions have become increasingly prominent. Facing new risks and challenges, the global gold market can share development opportunities and win a bright future by continuously deepening cooperation and building consensus on development. Both sides agreed to strengthen communication and expand cooperation in the future, and jointly contribute to a healthier and more prosperous gold market.
    Gu Wenshuo, Deputy General Manager of SGE, and Roland Wang, Managing Director of the World Gold Council China, joined the meeting.

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