SGE Successfully Hosted China-Russia Precious Metal Market Webinar

Date: 2021-07-07

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In order to promote the win-win development of the precious metal markets in China and Russia, Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and Self-Regulatory Organization "National Financial Association" (SRO NFA) held a "Friendly Cooperation and Share the Opportunities -China-Russia Precious Metal Market Webinar" on June 29, nearly a hundred representatives of market participants from the China and Russia precious metal market attended this webinar. During the meeting, representatives from the SGE and SRO NFA exchanged views on the precious metal markets of China and Russia and the development of Sino-Russian precious metal market cooperation.

Representatives of China and Russia precious metals market participants such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China (Hong Kong), and MKS Pamp Group discussed precious metal market development in 2020, market development outlook in 2021, and trading opportunities in the precious metal market of two countries.

This webinar is the first cooperation project between SGE and SRO NFA after the signing of MOU in 2020. In the future, two parties will continue to work to establish a communication platform for investors in two countries, promote cooperation through communication, and promote win-win situation through cooperation, so as to promote the healthy development of the two countries' gold markets in the post-pandemic period.

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