Successful Launch of SGE 4th Generation System Phase I (SGENE-1)

Date: 2021-10-12

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The 4th generation system phase I (SGENE-1) of Shanghai Gold Exchange (hereinafter referred to as SGE) was successfully launched on October 8, 2021. The data centers in both Shanghai South Bund production and operation building, and Shenzhen backup trading center went live simultaneously.

Under the correct leadership of SGE Party committee and senior management team, after years of elaborate designing and careful deployment, SGENE is built on the principle of taking excellent performance as the core, ensuring safety as the basis, financial technology as the guide and serving the market as the foundation. The launch of the SGENE-1 is the largest system migration in the history of SGE, including the construction of data center infrastructure, network system, host system, disaster recovery environment, and newly developed business application system. The technology department worked around the clock during the National holiday to complete the system deployment and technical verification , and the business department and members cooperated closely to complete the business verification.

The market opened punctually at 9 am. on October 8, marking the successful launch of SGENE-1.

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