Standard Chartered Bank Visits Shanghai Gold Exchange

Date: 2023-06-30

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On June 29, 2023, a delegation from Standard Chartered Bank(SCB) visited Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). Wesley Yang, Deputy Head and General Manager of Financial Market Department in China, and Matthew Hastings, Global Head of Commodity Trading at Standard Chartered Group, met with Chairman Yu Wenjian.

Chairman Yu extended a warm welcome to the delegation. Then he reviewed the long-standing partnership between SGE and SCB, and expressed gratitude for the bank's deep involvement in China’s gold market over the years. Both parties had in-depth discussions on the economic and financial situations in China and the world at large, and exchanged views on potential opportunities for innovation business in the gold market.

Mr. Wesley Yang and Mr. Hastings stated that SCB is commited to maintain a good partnership with SGE, leverage its strengths to facilitate SGE’s innovation initiatives, and contribute even more to the high-quality development of China’s gold market.

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