Standard Chartered Bank Visits the Shanghai Gold Exchange

Date: 2024-04-10

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On April 8, 2024, José Viñals, the Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank Group, along with his delegation visited the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and held discussions with Chairman Yu Wenjian. Also accompanying the visit were Zhang Xiaolei, President of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd., and Deputy President Yang Jing.

Chairman Yu Wenjian introduced the development history of China's precious metals market, the operational situation of the SGE, and the future development plans. He expressed gratitude for the long-standing support of Standard Chartered Bank, noting that it was one of the first international financial institutions to participate in China's domestic precious metals market. Yu highlighted the bank's active contributions to promoting the healthy development of the Exchange and fostering cooperation between domestic and international markets. He looked forward to further deepening cooperation between the two parties to support the high-quality development and high-level opening of China's precious metals market.

Chairman José Viñals highly commended the achievements of the SGE over the past twenty years, especially its efforts in promoting openness to the outside world and deepening international cooperation. He stated that China is a market of strategic importance for Standard Chartered Bank. Moreover, the bank is confident in the future prospects of China's precious metals market. In the future, Standard Chartered Bank will continue to deeply engage with the Chinese market, collaborate with the SGE for mutual benefit, and contribute to the healthy development of both China's and the global precious metals markets.

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