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  • Panda Gold Coin 30g

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  • 30g/ lot

    Trading Unit

Quotation Unit yuan/g
Minimum Price Fluctuation 0.01 yuan/g
Daily Price Limit ±30% of the closing price of the proceeding trading day
Minimum Quotation Size 1 lot
Maximum Quotation Size 1,000 lots
Trading Hours Day Session: 9:00-15:30; Night Session: 20:00-2:30 of the next day
Settlement method Delivery-versus-payment
Deliverable Bullions Panda gold coins belonging to the national legal currency issued by the People's Bank of China with standard weight of 30g and minimum fineness of 99.9
Delivery Mode Physical delivery
Time of Delivery T+0
Quality Standards Gold coins produced in compliance with People's Bank of China's standard of Precious Metal Commemorative Coins and Gold Coins
Delivery Location Certivied Vaults
Transaction Fee 0.035% of the trading value
Delivery Fee 0
Listing Date September 12, 2018

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