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  • 1 kg/lot

    Trading Unit

Trading Product PAu99.95
Contract Code PAu99.95
Trading Method Price Asking
Trading Unit 1 kg/lot
Trading Type Spot, forward, swap
Spot Quotation Unit yuan/g
Spot Minimum Price Fluctuation 0.01 yuan/g
Minimum Order Size 1 lot
Maximum Order Size 50,000 lots
Trading Hours From 9:00 to 17:00 on each trading day
Settlement method Delivery versus payment upon the maturity date Cash settlement on net amount upon the maturity date
Deliverable Bullions Gold ingots with a Standard Weight of 3 kg and a fineness of no lower than 99.95% N/A
Delivery Mode Physical Delivery Cash settlement
Quality Standards Physical bullions produced in compliance with SGE gold ingot quality standard SGEB1-2002 by SGE Standard Gold Ingots Delivery refiners, or standard physical bullions produced by LBMA accredited Good Delivery refiners N/A
Delivery Location SGE Certified Vault N/A
Possible Reference Prices N/A A market price published by the Exchange, such as opening price, closing price, weighted average price, benchmark price or any other price agreed upon by the parties on a date designated by the parties.

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