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Trading Product International Board gold product with a fineness of no lower than 99.99%
Contract Code iLAu9999
Trading Type Price Asking Transaction
Trading Unit 1kg/lot
Spot Minimum Price Fluctuation 0.0001%
Trading Term Standard tenors including, among others, O/N, 1W, 2W, 1M, 3M, 6M, 9M and 1Y, and non-standard tenors
Spot Quotation Unit Lease rate (annual rate)
Minimum Order Size 1,000g
Maximum Order Size 5,000,000g
Trading Hours 9:00-11:30 and 13:30 -17:02 Monday to Friday, excluding market closed days as per SGE’s announcement
Settlement method Interest netting
Deliverable Bullions Gold ingots with a Standard Weight of 1 kg and a fineness of no lower than 99.99%
Delivery Mode Physical delivery on a transaction-by-transaction basis
Quality Standards Physical bullions produced in compliance with SGE gold ingot quality standard SGEB1-2002 by SGE Standard Gold Ingots Delivery refiners, or standard physical bullions produced by LBMA accredited Good Delivery refiners
Delivery Location SGEI Certified Vault

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